Heat + Freeze Body Wrap | Teal Ikat (Wholesale | 4 piece minimum)

Heat + Freeze Body Wrap | Teal Ikat (Wholesale | 4 piece minimum)


[4-piece minimum required for this item]

Indulge your senses and find your zen with our Heat + Freeze Body Wrap. 100% natural and made with a premium blend of flaxseed and French lavender to provide soothing comfort head-to-toe. Simply microwave the wrap or chill it  in your freezer to melt away mind + body tension and give muscles deep-treatment relaxation.  All natural, soothing flaxseed gently contours and provides an acupressure effect  when applied to the body. Lavender, known for its healing properties, works to calm mind + body.  A perfect accessory for yoga + meditation, therapeutic relief, and total relaxation.

Benefits | Hot & cold therapy, aromatherapy, and soothing acupressure effect

Made with 100% cotton, flaxseed, French lavender
19" x 6"

all natural  -  made in usa

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